What is gingivitis?

Periodontitis, or ‘pyorea’, as it is known among the people, is the inflammation of the bone and gingiva that surrounds the teeth. The teeth are composed of the crown that we can see in the mouth and the “root” embedded in the jaw. Roots are held in the bone with the help of thin fibers. The surrounding pink gingiva also adheres to the neck of the tooth. Since gingivitis affects not only the visible gingiva but also the bone tissue, an uncontrolled gingival disease will eventually cause the non-carious teeth to wobble and recede. If the germ layer, also called “dental plaque”, is allowed to accumulate on the teeth, harmful substances produced by the bacteria living in this layer cause inflammation in the gums. This early period of gum disease is called “gingivitis”.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • The first and most important symptom of gum diseases is bleeding gums. Healthy gums do not bleed.

  • If there is swelling or reddening in the gums,

  • If the teeth are wobbly, elongated and there are gaps between the teeth,

  • If there is recession in the gums and sensitivity on the exposed root surfaces,

  • If there is inflammation between the tooth and gum,

  • If there is a constant feeling of bad odor and bad taste in the mouth, git is necessary to be examined by a dentist without delay.

Calculus and plaque

Tartar is the state of the calcium in the saliva combining with the dental plaque and hardening and sticking on the teeth. It most often accumulates on the back surface of the lower front teeth. Once formed, it can only be cleaned by the dentist. Toothpastes, which have the feature of preventing tartar formation, cannot remove the formed stones. It cannot be seen without reaching a thickness. With careful and adequate brushing, the accumulation of amounts that will damage the teeth and gums is prevented. Plaque in the areas where the brush cannot reach, such as between the teeth, should be cleaned with dental floss.

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