Prosthetic Treatment

The science of prosthesis is the protection of the health, aesthetics and comfort of the teeth and tissues in the mouth, on the deteriorated natural tooth structure or on the decreasing temperature. It is the branch of science that provides the regaining of lost function, aesthetics and comfort with various dental prostheses made by using suitable materials instead of teeth.

Total Dentures, Partial Dentures

In the prosthesis, it is aimed to restore the lost functions of the patient, while at the same time correcting the deteriorated speech and improving the aesthetic appearance. Thus, while the oral health, which is largely lost, is restored, individuals who have to live with missing or destroyed teeth in the society first forget to laugh. This, in addition to functional disorders, causes damage to the sense of self-confidence in people. It is aimed to increase the quality of life of people with various prostheses made for such patients.

For years, as a result of people’s eating, chewing, swallowing and grinding their teeth at night for some reasons, some parts of the teeth break. In such cases, the lost structures of the teeth are replaced with prostheses called crowns. These crowns are made using porcelain, acrylic or metal alloys specially produced for dentistry. Materials such as zirconium, which have recently developed in dentistry, can make these structures look extremely natural.

It is the prosthesis that transmits the chewing pressures on the natural teeth through the body and abutment to the jawbone through the periodontium (tissues surrounding the tooth) and alveolar bone (the bone surrounding the tooth in the presence of teeth). It is applied when the toothless space is not excessively long and the teeth on both sides of the space are healthy.

Prosthesis (palate) is a removable application that is used when implants or fixed bridge prostheses cannot be made as a solution in cases where there are many missing teeth. This prosthesis can be attached to the teeth in the mouth by means of clasps, or they can be attached to the crowns made on the teeth with sensitive retainers hidden inside, giving a more aesthetic appearance.

Today, there are many methods to fill these deficiencies. The most accurate one is chosen by your dentist, taking into account the location and number of tooth deficiencies, the condition of other tissues and your general health.

Implant Supported Prostheses

In cases where there are missing teeth, implants, which are the most suitable material that can function as teeth, can be placed in these gaps. The number of these implants may vary depending on the width of the space or the type of prosthesis to be made. It is possible to make implant-supported partial or total dentures, as well as over-implant crowns and bridges. Your doctor will evaluate your general health and oral tissues and share with you the most appropriate treatment for you.

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