Smile Design

The essence of smiling; It is a form of both physiological and social behavior from birth. Smiling is a good source of energy for both your body and you. Smiling, which is the first stage of taking your social relations to more deep-rooted grounds, is also related to your self-confidence.

There can be many things you tell people with your smile. You can be sure that most of these statements will evoke positive thoughts in the people around you, and that you will be remembered with a smile on your face when you are remembered again.

When we laugh, the stress level in our body decreases in a certain way, together with this decrease, our immune system, which fights diseases, is strengthened, and we make healthier, more dynamic, and correct decisions. It is inevitable that you become a person with increased skills, more resistant to diseases, less stressed, more social, and more loved.

However, many people have solutions such as hiding their smile, smiling less or not smiling at all because of some factors such as physiological problems, upbringing, unnatural asymmetric smile, bruises, mouth, and lip structure. They tend to imprison their happiness in their inner world.

The mathematical value of various dental treatment processes and approaches, which we now call smile design, depends on your mouth structure, face, and personality. With a new point of view, which we can explain as the fitting, the problems in the mouth and teeth have become remediable.

Beyond the elimination of existing problems, it may be possible to create a new smile, a new expression and a new social life full of self-confidence.

What can we change with smile design?

With the smile design, most importantly, we can direct what your facial expression and smile want to tell us. The size of some teeth in the anterior arch, their relations with the other teeth, the relations of your teeth with your lips have many effects on your expression.

For example, if the size of your front two teeth is a little longer than your side teeth, it can give you a younger expression. Or, the alignment of your teeth evenly extending to the back can give you a more mature expression. The whiteness of your teeth is also an indicator of your personal cleanliness.

In smile design, there are some criteria for your smile to be natural.

First of all, your face shape should be compatible with the shape of your teeth. Whether your face is angular, rounded or triangular will change the shape of your teeth.

In male teeth, the teeth are less curved and flatter, while in female teeth the corners of the teeth are more rounded and the smile line tends to be curved upwards.

Discoloration that occurs following enamel abrasions on tooth surfaces with aging, longer tooth size due to the leveling of the gums lower than they used to be, or reduced tooth size as a result of abrasions, an asymmetrical alignment of teeth during laughing, your gums appearing more than normal, the curve and fullness of your lips are among the factors that affect your treatment while designing your smile.

In short, the smallest details in your smile tend to be big problems for us. It is possible to regain your smile, which is complementary to your self-confidence, with a unique design.

A more energetic, whiter and more natural smile can be created in a short time with the ceramic-based materials used today, with whitening and cutting methods that will cause minimum damage to the teeth, and with minor surgical procedures on your gums.

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